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EMC/CHASE customer service representatives have lied to us and they treated us like if we are doing something wrong. So far we have not fallen behind on payments, but are requesting a loan modification because we struggle to make the current payments.

They closed our first case because they said there were documents missing. We know that they are lying because me made sure that everything was included in the package. Different representatives did not agree on which document was missing (according to them), each person refer to a different document. They said to send a package again. We did and a month later when I called to know the status of the second application, they said there was nothing on the system saying that we had applied again. Through the process calls were dropped, waiting time of 55 minutes, got transferred many times and nobody knew the facts of our case. We are tired, disappointed, stressed, and unsure about our living situation in the future.

We are frustrated, and do not what to do anymore.

Please let me know where can I file complaints against EMC/CHASE, and if you think that a suing them is a good idea.



Monetary Loss: $600.

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Be Aware, because they already know you are struggling to make your payments, I have experienced problems with them since 2009, that missing document thing is a stall tactic, they have no intention to modify your loan, in fact it won't be long until they will start mis-applying your payments, or not applying them, and since they know you are struggling financially, you probably won't be able to afford legal representation. Let it be known these are toxic people, and until we get lawyers to stand up and get paid on the back end, this trend will continue, they know they have more money than you, and even if you are succesful, they figure they will make it up on the next guy. Keep all documentation!


Emc / Chase are all wrong this is the reason American is in the shape it in, business like this are getting away in cheating and the government doing nothing.....


I now rent a house that is owned by someone involved with EMC/chase it is his house and cannot change the phone number. Everyday I tell the representatives that are harassing me that the person they are trying to reach does not live here, they do not care and keep calling me morning noon and night 95% of the time there is nobody there. how do I get them to stop harassing me?

Tracy, Minnesota, United States #303834

I live in Pa and also have been taking by this company. Anyway I can get my name on the lawsuit?


Depending on the State where you live, class actions lawsuits have been filed against EMC and you can probably join these. There are two class action lawsuits in CA, one in New Jersey, one in Washington State and one in Florida.

To find these Google: "EMC class action lawsuits" A few minutes ago I posted the phone no.

of one of the CA law firms.

Have not found any in MD yet. Good luck to all.


I really don't think it matters who you try to contact. I have contacted The White House 2x, Va State Govenor & Senator 2x, NACCA can't remember how many times, The OCC Several Times, The BBB, Consumer Affairs Several Times, HUD & HAMP, CNN, FOX 5 News, The Free Lance Star, EVEN THE OPRAH SHOW!!!!!!

There are MANY others that I can't even remember the names of! I even hired an attorney who did nothing for me but take my money and stop contact with me. I am wiling to pay these crooks what I Owe, I just needed the monthly mortgage lowered due to NUMEROUS health issues, but instead they are going to foreclose on a home they will NEVER in a million years get over 250k for! It absolutely makes NO SENSE to me.

I believe I am a victim of mortgage fraud from the beginning. If anyone eventually does anything about Chase, whom is one of the BIGGEST problems with this Economy and preventing good, decent & hard working people from getting back on their feet (whom could actually help be a part of the overall come back of the housing market), it will unfortunately probably be too late for me! I did not create the economic mess we are in, but I surely am a victim of it. I feel like I have done everything humanly possible to save my home for me and my little boy.

I feel way too exhausted to fight anymore with chase. It's time I started my fight against this Melanoma.

Good luck, and god bless all of you out there fighting to keep your homes! Don't let them break you -


Same story and even worse here. Chase does not care about us and never has.

They are going to take a home by foreclosure thats not worth half of what i owe. Instead of working with me to lower it to something I could afford as a result of spinal surgery, blood problems, bone disease, melanoma & other medical fights in my life. The copays, medical bills, medications are overwhelming me. I bought this place not.knowing.

There was no well on the property, and just found out my home sits on an old dump site. Chase lied to me, hung up on me, said they we're missing. paperwork. That I knew they had.

The list goes on & on. Someone has to here about this & offer a class. Action to put.

These crooks where they belong in jail - of courseAFTER THEY HELP ALL OF US!!!! Melody L Thompson (540)625-2380


Don't feel bad, Wife lost her job we fell behind ... Asked chase for help with a loan mod...

Took forever to get started. We had to file chapter 13, Chase is now trying to forclose on my *** and has refused to help me. Don't know what they think they can gain by this. They got me with 132,000 in debt..

If they win in court they will get the house. but i will tote with me all the work i put in it, They will be luckey to get 70,000 for it. Really a bad move on their part...

Do not trust that they will help you. They will drag you along until you are behind enough they can get the house.


We have same problem with EMC mortgage company , they play the game with every body just wate people time act like they will do the loan modification there is no system on their bussines every time you call you must to talk and transfer to too many people and no resalt i know they have a big problem, so many people complain like us but nothing change yet , some body has do some thing they are still on bussines and do bad things i though many state attorny are after them . please some body let me know what should i do to save my only place to leave is me two kids and two very ill senior citizen look like they don't care......please help


Gholamreza Shahbazi




EMC is horrible, I can never talk with an "agent" there, I can't even find their website !!! I just want to pay the loan off and be done with these bozos - i cant believe they are allowed to stay in business


I contacted Chase/EMC, as we received a letter informing us Chase now owned EMC. Sent the form letter requesting produce the note 25 days ago and have not heard anything.

Not behind in payments, never been late in 6 yrs. Want to make sure I have a clear title and know who really owns my mortgage. In 2005 I put $50k down on a $352K home in CA. Had a 780 credit score but was encouraged to take an adj for the 4% int rate.

Told I could refi out at any time no pre-pay. Loan was with Greenpoint, 2 pymt made to them, then got ltr loan sold to EMC/Bear Sterns, then to Chase. I only wanted to get into a 30 yr fixed. When I got ready to refi in 2006, was told my EMC I had a pre-pay penalty of $16K.

At that time home had begun losing value. I waited for pre-pay to drop off, have gone through 2 resets. House had gone from being valued at $362K to $192K. I do not want to walk away, want to keep my home but would like to get into a 30 fixed and can't because house is under water through no fault of mine.

EMC does not answer phone, keeps you on hold for 45-50 minutes then disconnets you or tells you to call another dept. Have given up.

At this point, now I want to know who owns my mortg. Haven't heard back from EMC when I sent the Produce the Note Request ltr.


My husband and I are going through the exact same thing that everyone else is going through. We have owned our home for 22 years.EMC sent us a letter OFFERING to lower our monthly payments and interest for FREE in conjuction with President Obamas modification program.

I was very leery about doing it but was very much encouraged to do apply for it by EMC!! We followed EVERY single request for information, documents, and made every "new lower" payment on time only to be advised that our loan modification was denied because we were not compliant with their requests for documentation!! Everytime we sent it to them I would call several days later to confirm they received it and they would say they got this but didnt get that which is crazy because all of the documents were sent together. We are now $25,000 in arrears and facing foreclosure.

How is this legal?? When we complied to THEIR RULES, THEIR REQUESTS, THEIR PAYMENTS????? We are not going down without a fight!!

We need to all get together and go to an attorney and see if we can get a lawsuit filed, obtain class action status and stand up to this company. HELP!!!!


EMC/ Chase has scammed me on my loan modifaction I was not in forclousure when i started the modifaction now I owe them 32000 plus attorney fees. They have been giving me the run around for 18 months.


I fax them the the papers and they say they didnt get them. Ive called and the number has been disconnected. What do I have to do?


we all need to let the tv stations know about emc morgage about the run around we are all having about the loan modification .And our state reps and senetors every 1 should contact law office 4024934100 We all gave the banks there bail out with our money Lets all do somthing right now so we can keep our homes


we all need to let the tv stations know about emc morgage about the run around we are all having about the loan modification .And our state reps and senetors every 1 should contact law office 4024934100 We all gave the banks there bail out with our money Lets all do somthing right now so we can keep our homes


I also tried loan modification!! I faxed all my paperwork with a confirmation!

I called to confirm they received it. No response, I emailed requesting confirmation, they stated they were in the process of review. 2 months later I get a letter stating they didn't receive half my documents. So I refaxed all my documents.

Again, they stated they didn't receive all my information and cancelled my request.

Don't even try to call, they transfer you 8 times then they forwarded you to a disconnected line! yuo call back and you get a scripted "I'm truly sorry about that, how can I help you." You can never reach anyone there, but you fall behind on payments I bet they don't waste anytime calling you!


We, too, can relate to anyone posts. We have been fighting with EMC since Dec'09. The same story - were told to miss a couple of payments and that we qualify for Obama plan. Faxed, mailed all the necessary paperwork for a loan modification numerous times, EMC tells us they have not received anything. One of the EMC staff I was able to talk to stated that there is " no guarantee that paperwork will be received, " and to "keep faxing it"

We refuse to lose our home to these crooks, and will continue to fight.

We would be happy to join a class action lawsuit against their illegal practices. Please, let us know where to begin.

Thank you


I have a good friend and a few clients deaking with EMC right now. VERY FRUSTRATING and it is the same stories as mentioned in this blog.

My friend Greg has been trying to apply for a modification and EMC asked for a pile of cash upfront in order to even consider it. Goverment programs such as HAMP, HAFA, HOPE NOW, and whatever our benevolent ones of goverment come up with are all great ear candy for those who are hurting. The goverment creates this stuff in order to say "see, we're helping, look what we did" just so they can get re-elected. These programs area all voluntary and the investor of the loan has to willingly participate.

Nothing has changed. EMC will probably always be horrible to deal with.


I have had several mortgage companies throughout my 18+ years of being a home owner and EMC is the absolute worst. I applied for a home mod 07/09 and the process was a nightmare.

The customer service was horrible, misplaced paperwork, fax sent several times, overnight packets delivered on at least a couple of occasions. No primary telephone number to call, transferred several times hang ups/disconnected and rude, incompetent workers only to be told in Nov 09 that I did not qualify because my income exceeded the 31% guidelines set by the government. I was told to reapply when my daughter entered college next year. Well, I applied again 6/10 and was told that I would receive a letter 10 days after the paperwork was turned in stating the application had been received and to date I still have not received the letter.

I continued to follow up with EMC on a weekly basis only to be told that the status was still pending. Last week I called and was told that my income verification had expired and I needed to send in more update information in order the application to be completed. Again, I sent the information via fed ex. I called EMC only to get the run around again and was told that if the application was not worked on that I would have to start the process all over again.

I inquired about the

law stating that a decision had to be made in 30 days and the customer service rep stated that EMC had 30-90 to complete the application once the underwriter had the paperwork in their hands. I waited a couple of days and inquired about my home mod only to be told that my application had been denied due to the house being upside down and income low due to daughter going to college. I'm not for sure what games EMC are playing, but I too will work very hard to see that their doors are close. I guess being fined 28 million was not enough.

Perhaps their license to operate should be pulled. I have filed a formal complaint with the FTC and will be contacting my elected officials before the week is out.

This problem with EMC needs to be address immediately and if JP Morgan Chase is the parent company maybe they should be fined also. BBB has revoked EMC accreditation and given them a "F" rating.

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