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I had a hard time getting them to call me.But since i faxed there attorneys a paper telling them i will be in motion court on monday the 20th to present my Motion To Compel they have called and left messages asking if i still wanted to work out a deal.Lasalle Bank National from what i heard went under and were bought in October of 2007.That is 8 months after they filed a mortgage foreclosure against me.And they still haven't paid my 07 taxes which they escrow.Could this be because of me filing this paper?Or because EMC cannot do loan modifications and Lasalle doesn't really own the loan?I called them back up and was asked if i still was going to do some type of workout repayment still.Well i got another important call hung up on them and dennis called back left a message and said could you please call me back to see about working something out.WHATS YOUR OPINION?WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE GETTING AT?

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What are customers of EMC to do if they cannot afford an attorney? After all, EMC has taken all of our money just to pay the mortgage!

We can't even afford to get repairs on our car to get back and forth to work because EMC keeps raising the "fixed" mortgage payment for numerous reasons. Won't anyone in the government even consider helping get this greedy company out of business?


I did a repayment plan also. I made an balloon payment and made payments on time for a year.

They was suppose to take the amount off my loan. The loan has went up and I am paying for the same payments over again. then give me an insurance that protects them and not me.

I overage on my escrow account can not get because I am behind on my payments and had an overage before and was not told refunded to me. They are a bunch of crooks that will keep your money.


Be VERY VERY careful with their workout. They also wanted us to do one after admitting that THEY made the mistake by charging/paying on escrow when they actually sent me the documents showing that they were informed at the time of closing that we waived our escrow. Now we are in foreclosure.

Their 'work out' plan is a joke. They sent us one to sign, I took it to my lawyer and she laughed. Our monthly payments were $300 more, we had to give them a balloon payment in 6 months of over $5,000 (unsure for what reason as it was never to told to us), and then by signing the agreement you are waiving your rights to file any suit against them. Then, from what I have read on many sites, they will still foreclose on you.

Get an attorney and research the net for any and all info you can get on them. File complaints daily. Even to the same entity.

Don't let them take your home without a good fight.

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