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Where do we start ?we do we hire?who will take on this thieves?We need to all get together and get a class-action lawsuit against the ***.They foreclose,they put us into repayment programs and still take us for more money and still foreclose.We need to have a gathering and take on these losers.To many are afraid too.AND MAKE THEM DISH OUT MORE THEN 28 MILLION AND MAKE IT TRILLION.AND PUT THEM OUT FOR FRAUD,PREDETORY, LENDING AND THE LIST GOES ON.WHAT DO YOU THINK?They have been tried by the feds and the feds backed out.


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Rosa I tried to do a loan modification three times they took my money on the three occasions and did not approve the modification . I lost over 14,000 and about to lose my home anyone know if there is a class action suit in New York I will join immediately this mortgage company has abused to many home owners and need to repay them please advise.


EMC ripoff, I was told by to different attorney that because I live in Montana it is not a consumer friendly state I can't be on class action lawsuit. Now I'm ripped off by Montana and EMC?!


We also have issues with EMC that is now becoming Chase.We are located in Mpls,MN. Please contact us at Thank you sincerely.


I to live in Pennsylvania & like Mark my story is the same exact story. I was forced to file bankruptcy to save my home.


I have been through the same crapola with the EMC|CHASE loan modification.ALl the attorney's want is money up front, My lame Senators Franken, and Ellis and What's her name never call back.

We could start a grass roots on Facebook, my space, Call EMC\CHASE and flood thier switch board.. JUST POST the *** out of it on those sites, IF you do it enough Facebook will call them ,, themselves as they want their site back.

I am not talking just getting my loan straightend out anymore..NO NO they ruined my credit, our health, no they need to pay millions each to everyone..


Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit formed against EMC in Oklahoma?

Can we join a class action suit in another state or does it have to be where the home is located?

Thank you.


We got a re-fi about two years ago, and a few weeks ago received a packet from the mortgage company wanting all the papers re-signed.We took them to a lawyer who said they changed a bunch of the contract and they didn't tell us.

So we didn't re-sign it.Waiting for the next shoe to drop with these thieves.


Any one know of any lawsuits against EMC/Chase for Mortgage fraud in Texas?


I made a home reinstatement agreement with EMC (Paying almost $300 more than my orig mortgage). Have papers and receipts paid all payments for 6 months (June last year). The first of June right after I Paid there was a paper posted on my house stateing it had been put up for auction. No one at EMC could tell me anything except loan modification over and over again. How can they just do what the want adding on fees over and over when they were wrong. Giveing you numbers to underwrighters for info that never call back (I mean like hundred messages). They were wrong with reinstatement, I followed through but they did not. They Just wanted to throw me in with this modification joke.

...................................................... Tryed 1ST modification

said made too much. Second Said didnt make enough they think. They are not trying to help. I should have never been lost in this modification nightmere. As far as Im concerned they are responsible for all fees June and thereafter. They slipped a paper under my door last night saying J.M. Adjustment Services will assist in review process. I Have no time left. File bankruptsy get lawyer? 4 weeks to aucton.

RB Ogden UT


I need help in this law -suit.I am in pa the court the judges undertsand whats going on but we have no attorneys who is doing anything and doesn't know anything about this.i know there are alot of others in my area who and i keep faxing them the things they want and keep sending me letter sying they didn't recieve them.SOMEONE HELP ME OR TALK TO ME

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