EMC screwed us on our mortgage modification bigtime. We followed their instructions, they told us to not make any payments for 3 months, fill out the paperwork which we fully complied with 5 times.

Apparently they dont receive their mail or faxes after they have told us they have. Our payments are not double what they were and they added 32 years onto our loan!! how can this be legal? We were 8 years away from having our loan paid for.

I am going to the State of Oklahoma's Attorney Generals office to file anything I can. Please, someone help!!! We paid on our loan for 22 years only to sit on the brink of foreclosure.

Thank you President Obama. Is this what you meant by reform??

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Never skip payments for 3 months, even if the mortgage company tells you to! It might be their way of trying to get your home away from you.

In 2009 I was also told by an EMC representative that a loan modification would not be approved unless you were a few payments behind, but that was terrible advice.

I'm currently two payments behind on my mortgage and doing everything I can to make one full payment per month so I don't fall farther behind.

Several EMC reps have told me if you get 3 or more payments behind that's when you run into high risk of being foreclosed. I have also been working on a loan modification since March of 2009, which makes it 20 months and counting.


We have as well been screwd by emc they have sent us a forcloser notice last week I have alson contacted the attorney generals office in nebraska and I will fight this tooth and nail... they will not take my home from me we have done everything they have said and more... I can't wait to see them in court....

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