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My home was purchased 10/06 loan of 788.00 month was purchased by EMC 12/2007 my payments jumped to 942.39, 4 mths. til 4/08, now I was told it will be 1217.00, but after updating my finances they want the payment to be 1371.00, because I have 150.00 left over in my budget, how can this be.

I asked for their legal dept., but they refuse to give me the number and told me that they would call me.

Can't anyone stop these crooks just cause they have money.

Roland C


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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #12813

Absolutely. I would never purchase a home with an ARM because it fluctuates all the time.

It's generally not going to be in your favor, as somehow it goes by the market. See if you can get a fixed mortgage rate, refinance or something.

Culleoka, Tennessee, United States #12714

You never should have gotten and Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Read before you sign.

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